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Community description:Drabbles focused on Neville Longbottom
Following the trend of communities such as [community profile] snape100, [community profile] neville100 is a Neville-centric weekly drabble challenge.

The Rules
  • Each drabble should be at least 100 words; must be about Neville.

  • Every other week a new challenge will be posted on Thursday. You can post to previous prompts as well as the most recent.

  • You must be 18-years-old to join.

  • Het, gen, and slash are welcome.

  • Crossovers are allowed.

  • All drabbles should be placed under an LJ cut.

    Please put the following before the cut:

  • You may post as many times per week as you like.

  • No off-topic posts please.

  • Lurking is fine; however, you must join to post.

All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowlings and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment.

[personal profile] torino10154 and [personal profile] alisanne

Email all questions to with the subject of "Neville100 Q/S" please.

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